Fire Exit Signs A fire exit is an additional route that occupants would use to enter or leave a building by.
The obligations under Fire Precaution and Health and Safety at Work Regulations and Legislation recommend that from any given point within a building, occupants can easily identify their nearest safe escape route.

The use, application and correct siting of signs can make a major contribution to the effectiveness of good fire safety management!

All of these signs meet the design criteria of the NEW British Standard for Escape Route Signing - BS5499-4 : 2000.

2458T (120 x340mm)

2439T (120 x340mm)

2433T (120 x340mm)

2435T (120 x340mm)

2430T (120 x340mm)

2436T (120 x340mm)

2438T (120 x340mm)

2434T (120 x340mm)

2437T (120 x340mm)

2458K (150 x400mm)

2435K (150 x400mm)

2436K (150 x400mm)

2439K (150 x400mm)

2433K (150 x400mm)

2430K (150 x400mm)

2437K (150 x400mm)

2438K (150 x400mm)

2434K (150 x400mm)